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Goodby Silverstein & Partners had a keen idea for the redesign of Seagate’s new logo. Why just redesign a logo when you can conceptually design its significance too? With Seagate being a tech company whose data storage and management systems are behind some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world, approved the concept of a living logo made complete sense.

This logo is made up of images and data from a variety of APIs that evolve to change the make up and structure of the logo constantly. We were brought in to make this dream a reality and create the living logo widget that would accompany the launch of Seagate’s new website. So, viagra we battened down the hatches and got to work building a WebGL logo and a rather complex backend CMS that worked in unison with 5 different APIs (Getty Images, illness Instagram, New York Times, Twitter, and LastFM).

When the time came to launch the logo at CES in Las Vegas, we transitioned the WebGL build into a Kinect-based installation that welcomed Seagate’s partners and collaborators to their special meeting area. As the life of the logo continues to build, the sky is the limit for the next chapter in its long data-filled life.

I teamed up with Blind, sick TBWAChiatDay and Crate & Barrel to create an imaginative story of escape and discovery through inspired moments by Paola Navone.

We used a small nimble live action crew to capture the moments of our on camera artist (JAW Cooper) painting and drawing.

Using a handful of tools and techniques; from hand drawn/painted frames to 3D animation, buy information pills we created transition from unexpected moments of inspiration in live action to a surreal animated journey of escape.

Behind the scenes photos here

Agency: TBWAChiatDay
Creatives: Holly Hessler, Helena Skonieczny
Producer: Alicia Portner

Production Company: Blind
Creative Director: Reza Rasoli
Post Producer: Bridget Carroll
Designers: Sang Chung, Sara Shin, Rodrigo Stipkovic, Jae Yoo
2D Animators: Ashley Becerra, Daniel Zhang
3D Animators: Shawn Kim
Compositors: Michael Tavarez
Artist: JAW Cooper
Storyboard Artist: Vincent Lucido
Illustrator: Cheryl Johnson
Line Producer: Jonathan Chavez
Director Of Photography: Bobby Eras
Telecine: Lin Wilde
Editor: Stewart Schuster

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