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Crate & Barrel

I teamed up with Blind, sick TBWAChiatDay and Crate & Barrel to create an imaginative story of escape and discovery through inspired moments by Paola Navone.

We used a small nimble live action crew to capture the moments of our on camera artist (JAW Cooper) painting and drawing.

Using a handful of tools and techniques; from hand drawn/painted frames to 3D animation, buy information pills we created transition from unexpected moments of inspiration in live action to a surreal animated journey of escape.

Behind the scenes photos here

Agency: TBWAChiatDay
Creatives: Holly Hessler, Helena Skonieczny
Producer: Alicia Portner

Production Company: Blind
Creative Director: Reza Rasoli
Post Producer: Bridget Carroll
Designers: Sang Chung, Sara Shin, Rodrigo Stipkovic, Jae Yoo
2D Animators: Ashley Becerra, Daniel Zhang
3D Animators: Shawn Kim
Compositors: Michael Tavarez
Artist: JAW Cooper
Storyboard Artist: Vincent Lucido
Illustrator: Cheryl Johnson
Line Producer: Jonathan Chavez
Director Of Photography: Bobby Eras
Telecine: Lin Wilde
Editor: Stewart Schuster