Future! Taco! Meow!

After an electrifying jam session Ozzi, sales Max and Stew—aka Future! Taco! Meow!—celebrate in true garage band fashion: with lots of high-fives. But in the thrill of the moment, cure lead keyboardist and self-proclaimed “hundredaire”, help Max, lets his imagination get the best-friend of him. And by best, we of course mean worst.

Written and Directed by Greg Gunn and Reza Rasoli
Dan Millstein as Stew/Max’s ego
Jesse Benjamin as Max
Kat Palardy as Ozzi
Storyboard Artist: Ben Kendall
Character Design: Chuck BB, Maximus Pauson
Character Art Direction: Tuna Bora
Background Art Direction: Paul Kim
Prop Design: Wendy Park
Animation: Rachel Yonda, Ross Plaskow, Michael Relth, Oliver Wee
Music, Sound and Mix: Adam Sanborne