Google Teamwork WebVR

Instead of creating a run-of-the-mill motion-graphics welcome video for the attendees at Google’s TeamWork 2015 conference, the team at JWT/NYC dreamt up an interactive-virtual-reality-motion-graphics films using Google Cardboard instead. Yeah, that’s a mouthful, right?

But it couldn’t just be an interactive-virtual-realty motion-graphics film for mobile; that was too easy. To add another layer of tech nerd complexity, it also needed to live on the web and not be a downloadable app, meaning WebVR. Having previously played around in the Google Cardboard and mobile VR sandbox, we were more than excited to jump in and bring this dream to a (virtual) reality.

The simplicity of Google’s design language was going to help us tremendously, because we knew that the key to a successful mobile WebVR experience was keeping the assets load to a minimum. With Chrome for Android and iOS Safari 8+ supporting WebGL we were taking out two birds with one stone here: our first mobile WebGL experience, and the first WebVR motion graphics film ever created.

Unfortunately you won’t get the full 3D and 360-degree experience on this site, instead you’ll need to get your self a Google Cardboard and visit with your VR friendly smartphone. If you’re so inclined you can also navigate the experience on a desktop, but you’ll be really missing out.

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