Rezatron is Reza Rasoli.

Born in Germany, malady information pills as an Indonesian and Persian hybrid baby, web raised in Los Angeles, a graduate of Otis Art and Design digital media department in 2006; Reza was directing, producing, animating, writing and designing for prestigious clients/brands for commercial projects right out of the gate. Reza was a 1/3 co-founder/co-director that worked under the directing collective name of Three Legged Legs. A total of six years went into producing numerous fantastic visual storytelling pieces with the Legs.

Reza is currently, painting, animating, drawing, designing, writing, on personal projects.

Client/Agency/Brand list:
72andSunny, Amp’d Mobile, AT&T, BBDO NY, Chrysler, Droga5, DDB Chicago, General Electric, Ignited Minds, Pepsi, Microsoft, Slim Jim, Sony, Sprint, Starbucks, TBWA/Chiat/Day, Wrigelys, Vizo.

Gallery list:
Gallery 1988 LA + NY, Spoke Art SF, Bottle Neck Gallery NY

Feel free to say hello, rezarasoli [at]

You don’t have to be shrooming to experience mind bending psychedelicalness. See what the world looks like through the perspective of a day dreaming foot. Not only did the Legs animate one of three fantastical spots, mind but they also directed all of the live action counterparts for the BBDO + Havaianas campaign. Trip out braj.

Check out the behind the scenes here.

co-directed by Reza Rasoli + (Casey Hunt, Greg Gunn of Three Legged Legs)