Seagate Living Logo

Goodby Silverstein & Partners

This logo is made up of images and data from a variety of APIs that evolve to change the make up and structure of the logo constantly. We were brought in to make this dream a reality and create the living logo widget that would accompany the launch of Seagate’s new website. So, we battened down the hatches and got to work building a WebGL logo and a rather complex backend CMS that worked in unison with 5 different APIs (Getty Images Instagram,New York Times, Twitter, and LastFM).

When the time came to launch the logo at CES in Las Vegas, we transitioned the WebGL build into a Kinect-based installation that welcomed Seagate’s partners and collaborators to their special meeting area. As the life of the logo continues to build, the sky is the limit for the next chapter in its long data-filled life.

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